UK-based man proves flying to Italy and buying a pizza is cheaper than price of UK Domino's

Published date02 February 2023
Publication titleMalay Mail Online

TikTok star Callum Ryan set himself up for his coolest challenge yet - to fly to Italy and buy a pizza for cheaper than the price of a UK Domino's.

The UK-based 22-year-old's mission was to spend less than the cost of a medium size Domino's.

In his video shared on his TikTok, he showed how he bought a last-minute Ryanair flight for £8 (RM43) and flew to Milan, Italy the next day after departing from London Stansted airport.

Upon arrival in Milan, he used TikTok to find the best place for pizza and headed straight there.

As soon as he was seated, he was served a free glass of prosecco and a piece of what he described as a pizza pesto thing that he concluded was, 'Quite nice.'

He then ordered a Margherita pizza and also a beer which didn't count as it was an optional extra.

After finishing the pizza that he said looked beautiful, it was time to pay for the bill.

The pizza on its own was pound 8.50 and the table service was pound 2.50, which meant a total of pound 11, which converted into £9.72 (RM52).

Adding to that the price of the £8 flight ticket, it means he paid just £17.72 (RM 94) - cheaper than a UK medium Domino's pizza which costs £19.99 (RM106).

'Which means...

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