Trademark Act Update

Author:Mr United Trademark & Patent Services
Profession:United Trademark & Patent Services

In Malaysia, the Trademarks Act 2019 ("the Act") has been enforced on 27th December 2019. With the passage, Malaysia will also accede to the Madrid Protocol on the same day.

The mentioned Act has brought many important alterations about procedure on trademark law. Some of those amendments are as follows:

Multiple class applications are permitted; Registration of non-traditional trademarks such as shape of goods or their packaging, colour, sound, scent, hologram, positioning, sequence of motion or any combination thereof are granted in addition to traditional trademarks; The filing date of an application may not necessarily be the date on which the application was filed if formal requirements have not been sanctified. The filing date will be the date on which all formal requirements have been complied with; Applications for the registration of trademarks may be rejected on absolute and/or relative grounds; Filing of international applications are confessed under Madrid Protocol; The...

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