SC Issues AGM CG Checklist To Enhance Shareholder Activism

Author:SKRINE &nbsp

The Securities Commission Malaysia ('SC') issued the Annual General Meeting Corporate Governance Checklist for Shareholders ('AGM CG Checklist') on 5 February 2020 with the aim of promoting meaningful dialogue between shareholders and the board of directors at annual general meetings ('AGM') of companies.

According to the Chairman of the SC, the AGM CG Checklist is meant to guide shareholders on key issues they may need to consider or raise at an AGM before exercising their voting rights. Among these issues are the matters pertaining to the appointment of directors, approval of directors' fees, appointment of auditors, contents of the annual report, and the adequacy of sustainability and anti-corruption measures adopted by a company.

The AGM CG Checklist also provides guidance on matters to be considered by shareholders before and after an AGM.

Although the AGM CG Checklist was developed...

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