Report: Malaysian poultry farms speeding up supply to Singapore ahead of June export ban

Published date28 May 2022
Publication titleMalay Mail Online

Malaysian poultry suppliers are said to be working around the clock in a race against time to send as many chickens as they can to neighbouring Singapore, before the June 1 fowl export ban kicks in.

Citing some eight farmers and suppliers, The Straits Times reported the Malaysia operators have been increasing their work hours and delivery trucks to make the daily road trip across the Causeway to meet surging demand for fresh chickens in the republic that have emptied out some supermarkets there of stock.

Visiting one farm in Johor, the Singapore daily observed that the chickens for the Singapore market were sent at only 33 days old compared to 40 days previously.

One of the unnamed farmers told the newspaper that the lorries transporting chickens to Singapore have increased from two a day to six, with each lorry carrying some 6,000 chickens.

Another farmer explained the reason Malaysian operators were rushing poultry deliveries to Singapore.

"Every extra day we keep them instead of selling them increases our costs, and if we are hoarding, then when we do sell, we'll be making losses," the anonymous farmer was quoted saying.

"If Singaporeans find alternatives, they may not buy our chickens any more even after the ban is lifted.

"If the Singapore authorities offer us space to raise chickens there instead, I will definitely be the...

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