MDEC Foreign Knowledge Worker Projection For 2020 Opens 3 December 2019

Author:-1 Fakhoury Global Immigration
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MSC Malaysia status and ICT companies who are registered with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) can start to apply for their 2020 Foreign Knowledge Worker (FKW) projection for Employment Passes from December 3, 2019.

How does it work?

Multimedia Super Corridor Malaysia (MSC Malaysia) status companies and Information Communication Technology (ICT) companies registered with MDEC who intend to employ foreign nationals in Malaysia in 2020 must have the projection approved before any Employment Pass applications can be made. Applications must be made online via MDEC's eXpats portal with the company's respective login ID. The standard processing time for FKW projection is approximately 5-10 working days from the date of submission. This timeline is also subject to follow-up requests from MDEC for additional information or documents especially if the company submits a high-volume FKW projection for 2020. Information required for the projection includes the total number of Malaysian staff and foreign staff employed by the company, the projection request for new and renewal Employment Passes and a justification for this projection. MDEC has requested that only companies requiring FKW projection for the first quarter of 2020 proceed with...

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