A Magician's Best Friend


FROM Criss Angel, David Blaine, David Copperfield, right down to the original master of illusion, Harry Houdini, Hafidz Osman is inspired by great works of magic, but his forte is also the rapport he creates with his audiences. His genuine warm nature is reflected in every show, as he generates laughter with every trick.


But when Hafidz isn't performing feats of magic at an event, he's busy driving around the streets of Kuala Lumpur looking for ideas for his next show.

"Driving helps me to be creative," said Hafidz.

"I'll blast the music, and let my imagination run wild."

It's his wild and creative imagination that has also made Hafidz such a demanded name.

Whether it's for birthday parties entertaining kids, or at events and roadshows performing grand illusions, chances are that you'll find him at the best ones.

Even during this festive month, Hafidz has his schedule packed with shows around town for Hari Raya and the upcoming Chinese lantern festival.

It's because of such a hectic schedule that Hafidz has come to totally depend on his six-year old Proton Waja, lovingly named Casey.

"I've had Casey since 2004. He's comfortable and affordable, and hasn't given me much problems since day one," he said.

Much like Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey, who lives and breathes in his car (even brushing his teeth in it!), Hafidz pretty much does everything in his Waja.

"My car is my second home and office," he said.

"I sleep, eat, drink, relax, arrange client meetings, do work on my laptop in it. I even play computer games and blow dry my hair to prepare for a show in my car!"

But the most bizarre thing Hafidz has done in his car is sewing. In fact, he keeps a portable sewing machine in there.

"One day, I tore my costume while rushing for a show, so I had to do a bit of sewing in the car. That's why I keep the sewing machine in there now, I still sometimes end up sewing in Casey," said Hafidz.

His devotion to his ride is obvious every time the car is mentioned.

"Casey is a friend and also my `hotel' whenever I get too tired to drive home after a really late show," he said.

"He's seen me through good times and bad times."

And that's a friend...

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